Pergolas and its many Applications

Pergolas are a great addition to any backyard. Here we have some ideas for how you can use a pergola:

Car Ports – Pergolas make perfect car ports because they give protection from the sun and rain while still allowing cars easy access

Pool Shade – If you’re looking to cool down on hot summer days, grab yourself one of these sturdy structures! They offer natural shades to beat the heat

Party Shelter – You don’t need tables or chairs when you have this handy party shelter. It’s open plan with no roof but it provides just enough shade

Break Areas – If you’re looking to provide a cool place from the sun with lots of fresh air, this is it! Especially for those out door areas in commercial spaces. These provide shade in summer and can be equipped with heaters in the winter!

Patio Cover – With this, you’ll never have to worry about getting wet when it starts raining or if the sun is just too bright

Entry Way Covers – a great way to set the mood for guests who enter your property

Sitting Areas – When you’re searching for some shade to relax in, these structures are perfect! They provide the right amount of coverage and give a nice view with their open design.

Picnic Area – Hanging out at the beach just got a whole lot better when you have this handy-dandy pergola as

Car Ports – These are a great place to store your car or bike safe from any theft! It also provides shelter that can be equipped with solar panels if it’s used as an office space

Pergolas are way more versatile than people initially think. Let us help you cover the space you had in mind. Call us today for a free estimate. 916-536-7494