Pergola Material Sacramento Pergola Company

A pergola is a private outdoor structure where homeowners can relax, entertain guests, and spend time with their family and friends. Before building one, however, it’s crucial to know all the possible options.

Pergolas come in different materials, such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and many others including our most important, Aluminum or “Alumawood”. The right one for you depends on a number of factors, including the home’s architectural style, the homeowner’s design preferences, and maintenance requirements.

One material that’s quickly gaining popularity among many homeowners today is aluminum. Check out our list of reasons why this pergola material is the best choice.

1.   Aluminum Pergolas Are Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance

An aluminum-based pergola is a cost-effective option for homeowners who are looking to save some serious cash. Pergolas used to be considered a luxury home addition because wood such as teak and oak were the traditional choices as the primary construction material.

In contrast, aluminum is abundant and easy to manufacture. It doesn’t cost as much as hardwood, and it’s very easy to maintain. The finish lasts for a long time compared to wood, which needs to be sanded, repainted, and re-stained regularly to maintain its look.

2.   Aluminum Pergolas Are Durable

Aluminum pergolas, aluminum awnings, and other outdoor structures made from the material are very durable. They’re fire- and weather-resistant. You don’t have to worry about termite damage at all or splitting, warping, and cracking for decades.

The installation is typically coated with a finish that lasts for decades as well. The same finish protects the structure from rust, so it’ll stay the same for a very long time.

3.   Aluminum Pergolas Are Versatile

The structure can be freestanding or connected to the main building. They can come with aluminum patio covers or have an open and modern design. Aluminum also comes in different sizes, so homeowners can build sleeker, narrower styles without having to make a trade-off on strength and durability.

Typically, aluminum is the material of choice for those who are in urban settings or looking to build a contemporary pergola design. However, the material can be treated to simulate the appearance of wood. It’s the perfect option for homeowners who want the timeless and sophisticated look of wood without dealing with the same level of care and maintenance that it requires.

4.   Aluminum Pergolas Are Easy to Install

The material itself is lightweight, so installation is typically a breeze. Homeowners can even turn the installation process into a DIY project because the frames and beams don’t need to be moved by specialized equipment or additional manpower.

Planning to Build a Pergola?

Aluminum pergolas are sleek and modern. They’re also easy to install, versatile, cost-effective and customizable. They won’t just extend a home’s living space; they can also enhance its curb appeal. They’re definitely a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Before hiring a Sacramento pergola company to start the installation process, make sure that you’re hiring the best team in the area. With our years of experience in pergola design and construction, we can make sure that you’re choosing the right option for your home. Contact us now to learn more or get an estimate for your project.